Alice Wong

Age by book:

10  (The Ultimate Tree House Project)

11 (The Scariest Haunted House Project - Ever!, The Amazing Science Fair Project)

Hair: Black

Likes: Cooperating with others, Drawing, Playing with her friends

Dislikes: Messes, Spiders

Skills: Drawing and sketching, Organizing things

Favorite Project: The Haunted House

Alice's Journal

It's all about Teamwork

From the journal of: 
Journal Entry: 
January 4, 3:45pm

I wish Ben and Amanda would stop arguing all the time. It isn't about who is best at something, it's all about how much we can achieve together. I mean, didn't they learn anything on our projects?

Well, maybe not Ben so much because he wasn't that involved in the first couple projects with us. And I guess he actually competed with us on the Halloween thing...but that's not the point, he can learn. Everything works better when you do it as a team, right?

And Ben seemed to get into the spirit of it all on the last project, despite that episode with Becky and the mouse.

So there is hope, even though he's just a boy.

I'm kidding!

Boys and girls are just as good at stuff as each other, except maybe planning.

The boys still have a long way to go with that...

As for Amanda, well, she needs to stop freaking out about the new project. It will all work out fine, she will see - as long as she remembers to use the power of teamwork.