Becky Petrov

Age by book:

11  (The Ultimate Tree House Project, The Scariest Haunted House Project - Ever!)

12 (The Amazing Science Fair Project)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Likes: James (kinda), Making rope ladders

Dislikes: People who tell fibs, People being sad or scared

Skills: Climbing, Tying knots, Measuring

Becky's Journal

Boy germs

From the journal of: 
Journal Entry: 
January 6, 7:45am

I really didn't have a choice, did I? I mean, if I hadn't held on, I might have fallen out and I wouldn't be writing here now.

Sure, there was a safety bar and they said it was safe, but I didn't really trust that, you know? So I had to hold on to whatever I could - even if I might have got boy germs from holding onto James' hand.

I apologized to James afterward for hurting his hand, but he just stuffed his hands into the pockets of his hoodie the rest of the afternoon and wouldn't talk to me.

Boys can be so rude!

But at least he let us use his new toy for our science experiment. Even though it was really half Susan's anyway, it was nice of James to share his half.

And if you think I might want to hold James' hand again after all that, well I really don't know. I mean, he really stunk after that camp - talk about super-bad boy germs!

Right now, though, Susan and I are trying to help Amanda out with the latest mess she has dug herself into. Maybe she was tricked into doing it, but it's too late now. The project must go on.