James Cartwright

Age by book:

10  (The Ultimate Tree House Project)

11 (The Scariest Haunted House Project - Ever!, The Amazing Science Fair Project)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark Blonde

Likes: Comic books, Computer games, Building stuff

Dislikes: Dogs that bite, New shoes

Skills: Running, Climbing, Swimming, Building

James' Journal

It wasn't my fault

From the journal of: 
Journal Entry: 
January 5, after homework

First, I would like to stop all of the rumours that are going around. I did not hold Becky's hand, she held mine.

But before you say anything else, it wasn't like that at all. I mean, she was scared, OK? So it wasn't like she was holding it all nice-like, it was more like an iron grip. My right hand was all dented and white for like, ten minutes afterward.

And if you think that was bad (which it was), you should have seen her with that mouse! I mean, she could join the high jump team in the Olympics maybe. Lucky she didn't land on the science fair experiment, that would have been awful - or if she landed on the mouse. Fortunately, everyone was OK and we got Becky back into the room after that so things could continue.

But back to the hand-holding thing. I mean, I like Becky, she's a cool kid. Maybe later when I am ready to hold hands with a girl, I guess it could be with her. Who knows?

For now, though, the girls have bigger problems, with having to organize the whole Valentine's Dance at the Middle School and stuff. I say leave that mushy stuff to the girls!