About the Author

Gary M. Nelson, PMP (Gazza) - I am a Project Manager and father of three boys.  I am passionate about sharing knowledge and making Project Management concepts more accessible, particularly to new and aspiring Project Managers (of all ages). Said another way, I like to tell stories to help convey complex concepts in a way that helps the concepts "stick". Who says learning shouldn't be fun?

I am thrilled that my blog, podcast and books are being used to support Project Management education, and I hope you gain some useful tips, or at least some food for thought.

Feel free to share your comments and questions in the blog - after all, we learn best by sharing our experiences with others. You can also email me at gary.nelson@gazzasguides.com with comments, suggestions and questions.

But who am I, anyway? I am a Canadian, living "down under" in New Zealand with my family, and loving every bit of it.

I am also an IT Project Manager who has worked in the Telecom, Student Information Systems and Local Government sectors since graduating from Simon Fraser University (BC, Canada) in 1989. My international experience includes projects in New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the US and Canada.

I enjoy speaking and training, and have presented at several PMI events and conferences.

My books include Gazza's Guide to Practical Project Management, and the Project Kids Adventures children's book series, starting with The Ultimate Tree House Project.

My PM blog is Gazza’s Corner, and don't forget the Podcast! (also available on iTunes)

I look forward to sharing and learning with you.


Gary (Gazza)

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About the Illustrator (Books 1-4)

My name is Mathew Frauenstein. Amongst other things I enjoy drawing and gaming, so these activities tend to take up most of my free time. However, when I am not doing either of those I will be sleeping, eating or sitting through another day of that horrid activity known as school. At the time of writing this stanza I am living in New Zealand, a very green country known for its friendly natives and its endangered national bird the Kiwi (sadly it cannot fly). However I have not always lived in New Zealand, but rather I was born in South Africa, where the first four years of my life were spent doing what babies normally do: eat, cry, sleep and fill their diapers with gifts for their parents.

Books illustrated:

  • The Ultimate Tree House Project
  • The Scariest Haunted House project - Ever!
  • The Amazing Science Fair Project
  • The Valentine's Day Project Disaster

About the Illustrator (Book 5)

I'm Rafael Silva and I am... you guessed it, Portuguese! When I was little I found it very difficult to express myself, and maybe because of it I started drawing so people could understand me. With time my speech got normal, but my drawings never left me - and I actually think they quite improved! OK, I'm neither the best nor the worst, but I draw reasonably well and love doing it. I also love movies, and my favourite is undoubtedly The Lord of the Rings. I'm 17, live in Lisbon with my parents and my younger sister, and I study Design in a typical high school. There might be a lot more to say... but there's no time, the drawings are waiting!

Books illustrated:

  • The Easter Bully Transformation Project