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PKA#5: The Easter Bully Transformation Project  eBook

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Coming soon: The Ultimate Tree House Project in Spanish!

What exciting times for the Project Kids! With the recent publication of  Project Kids Adventure #1 - The Ultimate Tree House Project in Portuguese (O Projeto da Super Casa na Árvore) hot off the press,  we are very excited to announce that The Ultimate Tree House Project is now being translated into Spanish by Ángel Barrero.

Now available: O Projeto da Super Casa na Árvore

The first translated book in the Project Kids Adventures series, "O Projeto da Super Casa na Árvore" (The Ultimate Tree House Project) is now available in paperback and eBook formats!

Project Management Books for Kids interview - HINZ 2015, Christchurch NZ

I was invited to briefly talk about the Project Kids Adventures series of project management books for children while I was at the Health Informatics NZ 2015 conference in Christchurch (October 2015). The conference was held at the Wigram Base Airforce Museum - a fantastic venue.

Project Kids go to the "heart of Halloween' - Sleepy Hollow!

The Warner Library in New York state serves the towns of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow - home of the Headless Horseman legend, and for many, this is the 'heart' of Halloween and scary stories.


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