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Welcome to the Project Kids Journal

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am the leader of the Project Kids - well, most of the time, anyway!

I started this journal to share some of my thoughts with you, but I have decided that it would also be nice to share this journal with I have invited the other project kids to contribute if they want to. You should hear from them from time to time - they certainly have enough opinions about everything!

And...because my parents like things to be fair (and they said I had to), you might also see some entries from the author (that's Gary).

Hey - I'll tell you a secret right now, so keep it to yourself. We let Gary pretend that he writes the stories, but you and I both know that us kids - well, we usually do what we want, and he often ends up writing the story the way we want him to. The rest of the time us kids are so busy he usually has to hurry and try to catch up!

Anyway, that's all for now - I look forward to sharing more with you - and keep an eye out for notes from my friends!

P.S. You can choose to read the newest entries in the journal first, or start at the beginning and read forward. It's up to you!

P.P.S The journal dates are in 'book time', and the first entry starts right after The Amazing Science Fair Project ends.

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Absolutely and definitely

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Journal Entry: 
January 6, before bed

What Tim said.


I agree.

Most definitely.

Valentine's stuff is for girls.

Give me scratches from a tree branch, or a scary old barn any day! Much less frightening.

Better them than me

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Journal Entry: 
January 6, after dinner and Minecraft

All I can say is - better them than me.

I ran into Amanda in the tree house, and boy, she was really worried.

I have never seen her like that! She is usually so confident and in control - that's why she seems to be the natural leader when we need to get things done on projects.

But not this time - she seems distracted and not thinking straight. I wonder if it has anything to do with Oliver - or just this project Ms Moldiva asked her to do.

For once, I am glad we boys are still in the Primary school, and not in the Middle school with the older girls.

Besides, there is no way I would want to help with what they are doing. I mean, Valentine's and hearts and mushy stuff is all for the girls, really. What eleven year old boy in their right mind would want to go to a dance - especially a Valentine's dance? Give me a haunted house any day - that's much less scary!

Leave Valentine's stuff to the girls, and once again I say - better them than me.

Friends help friends, that's what we do

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Journal Entry: 
January 6, 3:27pm

Amanda has really got herself into a mess this time. A little bit of praise from the Principal, and her brain turned to mush.

I mean really, who in their right mind would agree to organize a whole Valentine's dance? From what I hear the one last year was a complete bust, and hardly anyone came.

Maybe that's why the Principal gets the Grade 7's to organize the dance, before they find out how bad it could be.

But, well - hey, as long as we girls stick together, it should be fine - we have done three successful projects together so far, so how hard could this one be, really?

I think Amanda just needs to calm down, and get her mind off of Oliver for a little bit.

We will get lots of people helping, you'll see. Lots of people will be glad to help - I mean, why wouldn't they? I bet they will be lining up outside the door, just waiting to help.

You've got to stay positive!

Boy germs

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Journal Entry: 
January 6, 7:45am

I really didn't have a choice, did I? I mean, if I hadn't held on, I might have fallen out and I wouldn't be writing here now.

Sure, there was a safety bar and they said it was safe, but I didn't really trust that, you know? So I had to hold on to whatever I could - even if I might have got boy germs from holding onto James' hand.

I apologized to James afterward for hurting his hand, but he just stuffed his hands into the pockets of his hoodie the rest of the afternoon and wouldn't talk to me.

Boys can be so rude!

But at least he let us use his new toy for our science experiment. Even though it was really half Susan's anyway, it was nice of James to share his half.

And if you think I might want to hold James' hand again after all that, well I really don't know. I mean, he really stunk after that camp - talk about super-bad boy germs!

Right now, though, Susan and I are trying to help Amanda out with the latest mess she has dug herself into. Maybe she was tricked into doing it, but it's too late now. The project must go on.

It wasn't my fault

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Journal Entry: 
January 5, after homework

First, I would like to stop all of the rumours that are going around. I did not hold Becky's hand, she held mine.

But before you say anything else, it wasn't like that at all. I mean, she was scared, OK? So it wasn't like she was holding it all nice-like, it was more like an iron grip. My right hand was all dented and white for like, ten minutes afterward.

And if you think that was bad (which it was), you should have seen her with that mouse! I mean, she could join the high jump team in the Olympics maybe. Lucky she didn't land on the science fair experiment, that would have been awful - or if she landed on the mouse. Fortunately, everyone was OK and we got Becky back into the room after that so things could continue.

But back to the hand-holding thing. I mean, I like Becky, she's a cool kid. Maybe later when I am ready to hold hands with a girl, I guess it could be with her. Who knows?

For now, though, the girls have bigger problems, with having to organize the whole Valentine's Dance at the Middle School and stuff. I say leave that mushy stuff to the girls!