Ben Jones

Age by book:

10  (The Ultimate Tree House Project)

11 (The Scariest Haunted House Project - Ever!, The Amazing Science Fair Project)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark Brown

Likes: Being in charge

Dislikes: Big sisters, Planning stuff

Skills: Telling people to do stuff, Having great ideas

Favorite Project: The Science Fair project (because of the mouse!)

Ben's Journal

Boys are best

From the journal of: 
Journal Entry: 
January 3, after dinner

I don't know why Amanda says I helped "for once". I mean, the whole tree house thing was my idea in the first place. It's not my fault that my leg got broken and I wasn't able to help!

... And she thinks she's the leader? Hah, just because she's older than me and tells me what to to do at home, well, it doesn't mean she's better than everyone else.

Oliver and I worked great together - even though I only wanted to work with him because it would annoy Amanda.

Although it was fun to help with their science fair project - especially when we added the mouse!

So don't listen to everything Amanda has to say - I mean, she's a girl, and what do they know anyway? Boys are tough and better at lots of things.

Especially projects.